Looking after the environment and eliminating waste are an important consideration for any business.

Our production facility, based in the UK gives us complete control over the manufacturing process and limits transportation emissions.

Along with sourcing timber from responsibly-managed forests, the Company has, with the help of the Carbon Trust, invested in wood waste to energy technology, which has cut energy costs and the need for expensive landfill waste disposal.

Our optimising cross cut saw maximizes the yield from every piece of timber used in the furniture construction with any waste being burned to heat the factory work area, spray booth and offices.

Any old kitchen cabinets removed as part of the installation process are stripped of metal and plastic to re-cycle and the wood components are turned into energy.

Investing in well built fitted furniture will reduce the need for replacement at a later date, reducing the demands on raw materials and energy.

Unlike much mass produced furniture Benton cabinets can be site refurbished and re-styled, extending their useable life span.

Designed - Made - Fitted