For many people, the kitchen is far more than simply a functional room for storing and preparing food. For them it is the most important room in the house, a living area for relaxing informally, for sharing as a family or with close friends.

It is a place where (apart from the bedroom!) we often spend most of our time at home. Whether we love cooking or not, the style and decoration of the kitchen is central to our enjoyment of the time spent there.

The joy of a hand-built kitchen is that while it has the unmistakable "feeling" of genuine craftsmanship, it can also incorporate any amount of whimsy and originality, from the functional to the purely decorative.

It can accentuate features already in the room and make difficult corners and gaps into useful spaces for storage and display. In fact, an experienced designer, working to his clients brief, can transform a room to make it just how they want it to be.

Illustrated as just a few examples of Benton kitchens, much admired by their owners.

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