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6 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

With winter almost behind us, spring is the perfect excuse for sprucing up your home. No matter how big or small your space is, we’ve got six easy spring cleaning tips that will have your home looking and feeling spick and span for the brighter months ahead.

TIP 1: Declutter your space

A tidy house is a tidy mind. The first step to spring cleaning your home should be a declutter. From old clothes in your wardrobe that no longer fit, to those bits and pieces you’ve been meaning to throw out - let go of the old to make room for the new. You might even find your old belongings have some value. Always try to sell, donate, or recycle where possible, to give back to yourself, others, and the environment.

TIP 2: Let in the light

Prepare your windows for all of the lovely spring-summer light that’s just around the corner. You may think your panes are pretty clean, but once you’ve given them some attention, you’ll notice such a difference. Don’t forget to dust your blinds and window sills too, so when the light floods in, you’re left with a squeaky clean view. 

TIP 3: Invest in sustainable pieces

After a declutter, it might be time to reintroduce some new staple furniture pieces to your space. From bedside tables and dressers, to coffee tables and bookcases, Benton Home Collection offers quality you can rely on all year round. Add a new lease of life to a room, and choose from a range of Farrow & Ball colours to suit your interior style.

TIP 4: Deep clean soft furnishings

Freshen up the soft furnishings you use daily, with a deep spring clean. Mattresses, sofas, carpets, and curtains are all household items that can sometimes get neglected. Don’t forget to show them some TLC, and give yourself peace of mind that your home is as clean as it can be.

TIP 5: Scrub your appliances

How often do you deep clean the oven, the washing machine, your microwave, or the fridge? Peep behind the closed doors of your bigger appliances, and you could be in for a surprise. One of our top spring cleaning tips is to take the time to blitz these bulkier, hard to reach areas. Be sure to use safe and appropriate products for your electricals. If you’ve got time, defrosting your freezer is also a great thing to tick off your to-do list.

TIP 6: Maximise your space & add the finishing touches

Once you’ve followed all of our spring cleaning tips, and everything in your home is immaculately clean, have fun organising and adding the finishing touches. From cupboard organisers, to new hangers in your wardrobe, and tupperware for your fridge - everything should have its place. After all of your efforts, treat yourself to a new candle or a bunch of flowers, sit back and enjoy your fresh, clean home.

Written for Benton Furniture, by Lisa Foote

Lisa is a freelance digital marketing expert and content creator - who runs her own agency Sennen Creative, based between London and Cornwall


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