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The Benton Home Collection

Having been manufacturing bespoke fitted furniture since 1986, Benton Furniture is delighted to introduce our new range of luxury freestanding furniture, "The Benton Home Range". Each piece of furniture is made using real wood materials, high end hardware and is exquisitely hand crafted using traditional carpentry methods, perfected in over 25 years in business. As such, we are renowned for making solid furniture which is made to last.

The Benton Home Range is available in six distinct ranges, each with its unique design elements and features. From the simple and elegant Artisan range to the sophisticated and luxurious Lansdowne and Lydford, there's a style to suit every taste and interior design. To further enhance the versatility of the collection, Benton Furniture offers a choice of 13 Farrow and Ball colours. These handcrafted shades range from subtle neutrals to rich, earthy greens and deep blues, allowing you to create a truly personalized look for your home.


The Collection

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